Thursday, 10 June 2010

Water, water everywhere...

I saw this insect today in the garden. It may be something quite common, but none the less I have no idea what it is.  If anyone recognises it, please let me know.  It did look a little freaky to me :(

Yesterday's  Creativity Boot Camp phrase was "heavy metal" and today's is "grow".  

Both challenging and very good at making you "think outside the box".  I found yesterday's the most difficult so far, probably because of the musical connotations (I REALLY don't get the music) and also partly because I kept thinking of "heavy water" (I may have watched the "Heroes of Telemark" too many times).

Anyway, after thinking on and off most of the morning and afternoon, and repeating the phrase to myself under my breath, because that really helps (!), I came up with this

(semi) heavy metal

I found metal buttons decorated with anchors, that have been around the house for years.  I thought if I put them in water I would get some interesting reflections.  I did NOT expect one to sink and one to float!  The result was a little more abstract than I expected.

Today's prompt was "grow" and because I photograph a lot of plants and flowers, which were my immediate thought, I wanted to do something different.  So it was "grow, GROW, grow, gro-o-o-w" all morning (under my breath, thankfully).  

I got to thinking about what makes anything, in particular plants,  grow and finally came up with this shot

It's a shot of my favourite bowl filled with water which is rippling in the breeze outside and reflecting the sunlight - water, oxygen, sunlight - what makes plants grow!  Soil is the fourth requirement and that's what the bowl is sitting on!  No, not cheating.  

This shot turned out to be very abstract, much more than I had intended, but I liked the colours and refractions so this is the one that's been posted to the CBC Flickr group.  It's well worth a visit to see the many interpretations of the various prompts and also to see some outstanding photographs. 

One of my favourite blogs is Vision and Verb which I read everyday.  There are such a variety of interesting, thought provoking posts there, with some great pictures.  I was very surprised and really honoured to be invited to write a guest post for them.  With a mixture of excitement and trepidation I agreed; it's been sent off and I really hope that it is up to scratch. Time will tell......

Thanks to Marcie for issuing the invitation and if you haven't visited the site, it's really worth a look.


  1. I like your insect photo but have no idea what it is! I find them fascinating but have endless problems identifying them! Flighty xx

  2. Thanks anyway Flighty. I'm usually too busy swatting them away from me to have a close look at them!

  3. LOVE the grow shot! It stood out for me amongst all the others shots on the linky thing, I was intriqued to find out what it was! Beautiful.

  4. Sam, thanks very much for stopping by and I'm really glad you liked the shot. Boot Camp is great, isn't it :)

  5. Your insect is a variety of fly, hope it doesn't get on your supper! Great image of him among the yellow leaves. I really like the bent water under the edge of the button. On the 'grow' image - my first thought was of the waves growing and growing until they finally hit the edge.

  6. Mark, that is the closest that I will let that fly get to me - it looks too much like something out of a 60's sci fi movie!

    I really like your thought about the waves growing, it didn't occur to me but it's a lovely idea.

    Thanks for stopping by :)