Wednesday, 16 June 2010

holy crunching wasps, Batman!!??!!!

Sneaking around the Euonymus shrub in the garden, as I do, looking for hiding snails, I was a little puzzled to hear a scratching noise - quite a loud one at that.  

I finally realised that it was a wasp scrunching on the dead fennel stem (I leave it because the snails seem to like it, and the new growth isn't tall enough yet). There are creepy crawlies that I don't like to go near, but I am actually scared of wasps and forget that I am hundreds of times bigger that they are.  They make me leap away and poise myself for panic stricken flight with a bit of hand flapping in case one is near my head.  I did steel myself to take a picture

at arms length, so that I couldn't even see if it was focused.  It wasn't!    Apparently wasps chew wood to make pulp to build their nests - the amount of chewing needed must be intense, and after reading about them I've gained a little more insight into the benefits of having wasps around to prey on other pests.  Mind you, they really do bring out my flight reflex, and fighting is forgotten about completely.

Having survived that encounter, I carried on with some work for the Creativity Boot Camp.  There are not many more days to go, which is kind of sad because I really feel that I've been able to try different things and be inspired by other people's work.  

Day 9's prompt was drizzle.  I immediately thought of rain - this is Northern Ireland after all - and this was my image

We were also challenged to try something in a medium that we don't normally use, so I had a bit of fun with soft pastels and did some leaf prints.  

I won't give up the day job just yet :)

Just to prove that snails love fennel, dead or alive (the fennel that is), here's an example.  His/her shell looks a little the worse for wear, but still climbing that fennel stalk like a champion.



  1. Hi - love your drizzle shot...and the leaf prints - glad you want to do the 365 - Hope you're having a good week - xxx

  2. That drizzle image is just beautiful! I can't tell if it's a traffic light or somebody wearing a red shirt in the distance; the mystery is nice. The leaf prints are cool; I've never tried that.

  3. Well, I learned something new about wasps today! Hubby is not a fan but I'm not too bothered by them, it's my job to get them out of the house if they drop in ;)

    I absolutely adore your 'drizzle' artwork, it is amazing. The colours and textures are fantastic. I love your leaf prints too, it's so much fun when we just let go and play :)

  4. Maisey - glad you like the prints; I haven't done anything like that for a long time :)

    Mark - I think I'll keep the red as a mystery :)

    erasercarver - thanks for visiting! None of us really like wasps, if they get in the house we tend to go to another room and leave all the doors open :0

  5. Just found your blog from Flightys blog. I took part in Creativity Boot Camp too - and have done the first of the new Sunday challenges too.

    Will be back again to read more of your blog.

  6. Hi Jo, thanks for visiting. I really enjoy Flighty's Blog and have followed his link to yours, which I thought was great. Look forward to visiting you again!