Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A lot of hens?

Boot camp Day Three and the creativity muscles are getting a fine workout!
The theme for today is "multilayered" and it took a little time to think about how I could interpret that.  

People immediately came to mind because we all have layer upon layer that rarely get completely peeled away.  Having a teenage son was very helpful - someone who doesn't reveal himself very easily as well as actually dressing in many layers of clothes.  So both a literal and metaphorical interpretation!!  I have to thank him for posing so patiently (I used a shot where he isn't rolling his eyes).

I also apologise for the terrible joke in the title although part of me (the part that watches Carry On Films) still would like to submit that shot - hens....multilayers....geddit??


  1. Wow, he really does wear a lot of layers, even in warm weather!
    I guess hens ARE multi-layers! :)

  2. It has to be seen to be believed, Mark. That wooly hat hardly ever leaves his head!

  3. Hi - your photos are looking great...glad you're enjoying the course...I thought I'd better stick to doing the 'unravelling' one'...hope you're having a good week - xxx

  4. Thanks Maisey - having a good week so far, alhough busy! I had a look at the unravelling course and it looks interesting, although intense, so I don't blame you sticking to just that. I hope it's going well :)