Sunday, 27 June 2010

Not here today......

.......but find me here! 

The guest post that I have written for Vision and Verb is published today and I'm very proud to have been asked. 

I've just got back after spending a couple of days away and will catch up very soon.  Just one quick picture from this weekend - the colour of this flower does my heart good :)


  1. Hi...congratulations on your guest post...I loved it - I feel exactly the same
    way about old photos -

    I still plan to do the 365...was planning to make a separate blog page for it...just need to do it ! I seem to be on a bit of a 'go slow' at the moment -

    Hope you had a good weekend - xxx

  2. Well done on your rather poignant guest post over on Vision & Verb. I've been a keen reader there from the outset and a while back pointed them in the direction of your excellent blog.
    Love the photo here! Flighty xx

  3. Maisey's Attic - thanks for having a read at the post on Vision and Verb. I'm really glad you liked it. I know what you mean about the "doing" rather than "thinking about it". I have got as far as generating a new page on the blog but haven't done anything else. Let me know when you're thinking about beginning :)

    Flighty - thank you for your very kind comments and I'm really glad that you like both the post and the blog. I appreciate your support :)

    As usual I loved the flower in the photograph but am not quite sure what it is. The RHS Encyclopedia will be out later!!

  4. Very lovely; Cosmos are one of my favorite flowers, and you did a great job capturing the vibrant colors they display. I can't grow them because deer consider them candy; sometimes it's irritating to always have to plant deer-resistant plants!
    I like the little fly too. I always wonder what some insects are after in flowers; bees you always know; they dig right in to the nectar and pollen, but other insects kind of go around the perimeter like this; odd!