Saturday, 17 July 2010

a bloomsday haunting in smalltown USA about to be invaded by aliens.....

The title of this post is one that I may use now that I've been officially confirmed as writing like James Joyce, HP Lovecraft and Stephen King!   

This article in yesterday's Guardian gives the link to I Write Like, a very useful website (created by coding robots) that can confirm for you which famous writer your prose style most resembles.  So in my last post, in three separate paragraphs, I resembled (apparently) the three writers mentioned above.  Not bad for a rambling little post about headaches and flowers!!

Try it and find out if your prose style is that of a master - or a money spinner like Dan Brown.  I'm off to practise  my long stream of consciousness sentences, with ghostly overtones and a building sense of horror, set in a seemingly idyllic small town.....well you get the idea.   

Interestingly, THIS post is written in the style of Harry Harrison, a science fiction writer and author of The Stainless Steel Rat, so I'll have to add  some intergalactic Irishness into the whole thing.  Enjoy the website - I certainly am!!


  1. Oh what a wonderful discovery! I love this. Apparently, I write like Vladimir Nabokov. Perhaps now I should read him . . .

  2. Oh, and if you want to be in the Shakespeare & Co bookstore today, you can take a virtual tour, which I link at one of my Paris posts. You can go into most of the rooms!


  3. Sorry, that might have been a badbad link.

    Try this:

  4. Hi Ruth, thanks for your comments and for the link to Shakespeare and Co. I've spent some time there today - what a fantastic place. I'm glad you liked the website - it's a little addictive :)

  5. I'm still thinking about this as I really wouldn't like to find that I write like someone I don't enjoy reading! Flighty xx

  6. You never know, Flighty, it could be someone that you really admire, or someone that makes millions from their books, which could start you on a whole new career!! :)