Tuesday, 6 July 2010

And the (joint) winner is...

A blog that I love to follow is written by Heckety Beck (whispers -although I think that may not be her real name).   

A week or so ago, Heckety threw down the poetry gauntlet and challenged us to come up with a meaningful, relevant - oh alright a daft piece of doggerel.  I'm proud to say that Gran and I are joint winners of the Funniest Rhymes.  Luckily they were meant to be funny!  

If you follow the Heckety link above, you'll be able to read all the entries in their glory.  If you explore Heckety's blog further you'll also be able to admire the patchwork and crafts that she creates in between blogging.   

The image below is one of a series that I've been taking of the rocks, pebbles and shells that I've collected over the years. 

The picture at the top is the lady of the manor surveying her serfs.

By the way, check out this treasury on Etsy.  Balanced, who put it together, very kindly used one of my photographs as the starting point for it.  That made me smile VERY widely!

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  1. Thank you for the king remarks!! And I love your stone photo- I think if one ever gets into the habit of picking up interesting stones, its almost impossible to break! I love pebbles and stones, and even rocks!! All our indoor door stoppers are bits of rock- which do the floor no good at all!