Thursday, 27 May 2010

Snail's pace

I've been messing about with....sorry, sorting out my photographs all evening, and not really getting very far, because I keep getting distracted by shots that I have forgotten about, or that I think I'll be able to do something with some day.  I've realised that my photograph folders on the computer are very like other parts of our house - cluttered with bits and pieces that I truly believe will come in useful some time, but of course not just at the moment.

I rushed out into the garden after work this afternoon, immediately after a really heavy shower of rain, to try to get some shots of raindrops in the sunshine etc - but after taking a few, my camera battery died.  Of course that is the time that you spot all the possibilities for great pictures. However, I managed to get a few shots, including the snail shown above (not the same one that I saw the other day) being very brave in the sunshine after the rain, in full view of any birds that were passing.

His/her friend was being a bit more cautious, tucked away in the leaves.  I could only get the shot below by contorting myself into quite an undignified position.  Luckily our garden is quite private :)

I've also been really pleased to see that we have Honesty back in the garden again (this is not metaphorical, but a plant).  It didn't appear last year, after being quite rampant in previous years, but here it is again. 

I love the flowers but I love the seedpods even more, especially at this time of the year when they have that lovely purple stem and edging.  This one had saved some of the raindrops, perhaps for any passing snails.

Oh well, back to the messing around (damn - that Honesty gets everywhere!)

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