Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Getting the hang of this blogging lark.

Having now got a few posts completed I decided to explore a little further to find a template that I like and feel comfortable with.  And here it is!  I like the look of it and it's clearly set out for my old(ish) eyes that have never really functioned very well - I began to wear glasses when I was seven!

Any way this is a short post just to explain to those (anyone?) who may have stopped by and wondered how come the pages looked  different everyday for a couple of days. It was because I was feeling intoxicated by being able to change the template without resorting to either my son or my husband for a simple explanation.  (I can understand most technical matters - I just don't want to!)

Just a couple of pictures today - at the top a dandelion from our little part of the earth (our backgarden) and below looking over at one of my favourite places in Northern Ireland, the Mountains of Mourne - you know, the ones that sweep down to the sea.

Let me know what you think of the new layout :)


  1. I like the layout a lot. The images are gorgeous; the perspective from below on the dandelions must have been a little difficult!

  2. This layout is clear and easy to read with my oldish eyes! Like you I've worn glasses since childhood.
    The looking skyward photos are good! Flighty xx