Tuesday, 11 May 2010

More for the wish list......


I found this article on the Guardian website and it seemed appropriate to link to it after my last post, which discussed a book set in China.


I'm ashamed to say that I haven't read ANY of the titles listed in the article, although at least two were already on my Wish List. Oh well, the shame of not having read any is far outweighed by the excitement of a whole new list of books to explore! I hope that you find something of interest in the list. Let me know if you do :)

Still reading Dracula by Bram Stoker and if you haven't already read it, I would highly recommend it. There seems to be such a huge interest in vampire stories at the moment and so many of the vampires in films and books seem to be very.....pretty, so it's good to re-read a story in which the vampire and his flock are clearly evil and scary. And yes, I can still sleep after reading it.

Anyhoo, the image at the top is the dandelion and daisy again, but this time rather more dramatic.

The photograph below was taken on the Antrim Coast Road, and shows part of the amazing geology of the area. It's a wonderful, beautiful drive to take and the adrenaline surges caused by the number of weekend motorbikers whizzing past soon settle again.


  1. Hi lovely to meet you - You have some great photos.
    I have so many copies of Dracula around the house at the moment - older teen is studying it for his GCSE English lit. exam - I will give it a try.
    Look forward to following your blog - would love to hear more about your photography - I've become a bit obsessed with taking pictures -


  2. Hi Maisie, thanks for visiting and for your very kind comment. My photographs are a little hit and miss sometimes - I was given a digital camera for my birthday a year ago (the birthday that makes you a person of a certain age!) and I've been pointing and clicking ever since.

    I hope that you enjoy Dracula (if enjoy is the word I'm looking for). Just wait till I start about The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins!!

    I've really been enjoying your blog and look forward to keeping up with what's going on.